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MDVR Night Vision Mini DVR for Thermal and Digital Devices

MDVR Night Vision Mini DVR for Thermal and Digital Devices
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Product Description

MDVR Night Vision Mini DVR for Thermal and Digital Devices
MDVR Night Vision Mini DVR for Thermal and Digital Devices
The most versatile night vision recording system on the market. One push of the remote recording trigger switch will activate the MDVR and send it directly into recording mode allowing you to focus on your hunt. The MDVR has a built in microphone and the ability to playback your recorded videos on it's 2.5" LCD screen or to an external monitor or TV screen.

A Quality DVR for Your Thermal Scope or Digital Night Vision Device
The MVDR is available with connectivity solutions for virtually every thermal imaging and digital night vision device that supports a standard NTSC/PAL video output.

One Button Operation Video Recording Solution
The MDVR features a trigger switch that allows the user to power the MDVR on and start recording in under 5 seconds(on position). The 2-position trigger switch will also stop the MDVR during recording and power the MDVR off when flipped the opposite direction(off position). This is a critical feature to capture footage in the field for 2 reasons. First, instead of fumbling for the power button and then the record button, or looking for a loose remote or fob, the trigger switch takes care of both of those functions with a simple flip of a switch that takes less than 1 second. The trigger switch can be mounted in a variety of places which allows the user to configure the activation to their liking. The trigger switch can be flipped quickly for a slightly audibly click, or can be flipped slowly for no audible click, but always offers a positive position change report to the tip of your finger. The trigger switch also has a raised indicator bar on the side of the switch that powers the MDVR on, just in case you need to confirm the MDVR is on or off. Second, opening the recorder pouch is a bad move in the field especially during a stalk or just before a shot. Opening the recorder pouch will allow light from the MDVR's LCD display to get you busted by that big hog or give your position away to that wise old coyote you were just about to have a shot on. It's also unnecessary movement and wasted time which decrease the likelihood of a successful stalk. The trigger switch takes care of these problems and offers a hassle-free solution. All you need to do is make sure your scope is connected to the MDVR and the MDVR is configured correctly before your hunt. You won't have to fumble in the dark looking for a record button, fob or expose the display causing you to miss the video that you wanted to capture.

Available Free with:

IR Hunter Mark ll 1.5-12x19
IR Hunter Mark ll 2.5-20x35
IR Hunter Mark lll 4.5-35-60
IR Hunter Mark lll 2.5-20-35
IR Patrol M250K 1-8x19
IR Patrol M300W-K 1-8x19

When using this with your IR DEFENSE THERMAL UNIT, you will need a video out cable - specifically configured for the IR Defense port. Some models of thermal units come with cables, if you need an additional cable click here to view.

The MDVR is compatible with all IR Defense Thermal Units
To view the choices of IR Hunter units click here.
To view the choices of IR Patrol units click here.
To view the choices of Snipe-IR units click here.
To view the choices of Reap-IR units click here.

  • Remote recording activation via mounted trigger switch
  • Standard NTSC/PAL Video Input
  • 2.5" LCD Display Screen
  • Screen time-out function to preserve battery life
  • Internal microphone on board and external microphone support
  • Wireless Remote
  • 1-Year Warranty

  • Specifications
  • Video compressed format - AVI, JPEG, WAV
  • Photo format - JPG
  • High Resolution LCD - 2.5" LCD
  • Audio and video output - RCA 3-in-1 AV output
  • Storage type - SD card(supports up to 32G) Recording time is 20-40 minutes per gigabyte
  • Video size and speed - PAL: 720x576(D1)/25FPS, NTS: 720x480(D1)/30FPS
  • Power supply for external camera is available - Voltage: 5V max. current: 400 mA
  • Video format - NTSC/PAL
  • Multi record mode - Manual/Auto/Motion detection
  • Real-time recordings are marked in File
  • Compute transfer screenV-VUSB2.0
  • Recording time - 1minute~2.5 hours /1G
  • Power consumption - 200mA , 3.7V 1000 mAH chargeable Li-ion battery, 5.0V 2A AC Adapter
  • Size - 79 mm x 51 mm x22 mm
  • Weight - 85g/3.5oz (including battery)

  • Included In The Box
  • MDVR
  • Trigger Switch
  • USB Charging Cable
  • USB Data Cable
  • USB Wall Charger Adapter
  • MDVR Remote
  • Video Cable(split RCA male video, 5v 2.1mm power, RCA male audio)
  • Pouch
  • Velcro to attach trigger switch
  • Velcro to attach pouch

  • Two Additional Items Included At No Charge
  • 1 - Rifle Buttstock/Helmet Mountable Pouch for the MDVR ($29.00 value!)
  • 1 - Elastic Shock Cord and Clip Hook Kit - Black ($14.95 value!)

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