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Butler Creek #45 Flip-Open Scope Lens Cover

Butler Creek #45 Flip-Open Scope Lens Cover
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Product Description

Butler Creek #45 Flip-Open Scope Lens Cover
The Butler Creek #45 Lens Flip-Up Lens Cover protects your expensive optics lens from dust and debris. The #45 Butler Creek also fits the objective housing of an IR Hunter MK II. No one equips you to make the shot in foul weather like Butler Creek. The legendary Flip-Open Scope Covers form an airtight seal against the elements, but silently hinge out of the way at the push of a button. They’re the pinnacle of protection and rapid target acquisition. You can aim through our flip-open Blizzard Scope Covers if you need to take a snap shot. And they still make the rugged, affordable Bikini Covers trusted by generations.

Available Free with:
IR Hunter Mark ll 1.5-12x19
IR Hunter Mark ll 2.5-20x35

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